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Water Fed Pole System


Following the 2005 Health & Safety regulations, many window cleaners began to use WATER FED POLES (WFP) to clean windows above ground floor height or in difficult positions out of reach for ladders. The use of ladders is now only allowed under carefully controlled conditions and only when all other safer options have been eliminated. This has also led to most insurance companies either banning the use of ladders on their policies or charging excessively high premiums.

The Water Fed Pole system has been used successfully for many years by window cleaning companies for high and low level window cleaning and Crystalline took the decision to invest in this technology in 2012.

How does it work?
The pure water System incorporates a 5 stage water purification process that removes all impurities from the water including particulates, chlorines and carbons, this pure water is then stored in a large tank fitted to the vehicle. When required, the water is pumped from the tank through pipe-work to a jetted  special monofilament brush head attached to a carbon telescopic pole. The windows, frames and sills are then jetted, washed and brushed to remove all dirt.  The final stage of the process is where the brush is lifted away from the window, the window is then spray rinsed with pure water and left to dry naturally leaving a clear streak free finish.

The principal advantages to the customer of WFP are;
Enhanced privacy in all rooms above the ground floor.
No ladder marks on Window sills / lawns / flowerbeds.
Access to windows that were previously inaccessible (e.g. above conservatories, second floor work, veluxes and dormer windows).

All windows and frames receive a deeper and thorough clean.
The process is environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used to clean windows.

For the operator, water fed pole offers increased safety. Ladders are the most dangerous tool in our trade causing many deaths per year and many serious injuries. We have taken the decision to minimise the risks we’re taking at work and now choose to use the WFP system.

The changeover process for new customers from traditional cleaning to WFP may take a couple of cleans to reach optimum results due to removing chemical residue from traditional cleaning so please bear with us during this period.

Please be assured the quality of our work at Crystalline will continue to be of the high standard we set ourselves and our customers have become accustomed to. If you have any questions or require any further information on the above please feel free to contact us.

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